Episode 3: The Bureaucracy Episode!

January 30, 2018

In this episode Jer dives into what makes the Library of Congress tick. He’ll take you along on a tour of the acquisitions process, and he’ll speak to 45 year LOC veteran Beacher Wiggins about how the library and it’s operations have changed over a half century. Jer also talks to the Library’s comic book curator to get some insight into how that collection is growing and evolving, and to the Veteran’s History Project about their efforts to document the experiences of veterans past and present.


Episode 2: And the Territory

December 29, 2017

This week, Jer speaks with geographer/mathematician/curator/topologist John Hessler about what it might mean to map the Library’s holdings. We’ll also learn about how a left-handed draftsmanship contest changed veterans lives after the civil war, and we’ll take a peek into the journals of Greenwich Village impresario Izzy Young. Jer will also share some code experiments he’s been working on to map the Library’s lists of names to find polymaths - people whose careers span across many subject areas or conceptual domains. 


Episode 1: In the House of Avram

December 5, 2017
In this episode, Jer speaks with Kate Zwaard, Chief of National Digital Initiatives, to find out more about the history of the Library’s digital records and the future of the institution as a cultural hub and digital steward. We also find out about Rhoda Metreax’s 1957 work to understand the public reaction to the Sputnik launch, and we dig deep into a strange sheep-related census document from 1787.